Decorating the bedroom with a tree Stickers

Decorating a room or bedroom with a beautiful tree Stickers is an original and creative idea that will help you greatly highlight the wall you have chosen to decorate. In general, it is recommended to place this type of Stickerson the wall where the head of the bed is located, since it is the focal point within a bedroom, however, this is not a rule and you can place the Sticker where it best suits you. There are currently different designs of tree Stickers made of vinyl on the market, you can easily get them through Internet stores such as Amazon, Mercado Libre or Ebay at very good and affordable prices. This is a quick and precise solution, however you can also choose to paint the tree directly onto the wall using acrylic paints. You can make a previous design with a pencil to design the trunk of the tree and paint it in the tone you have chosen. Once the trunk paint is completely dry, proceed to paint the leaves using the stencil technique, which will achieve a finer and more professional finish.

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