Decorate your party with garlands and paper chains

Use colored bond paper to create fun, eye-catching party decorations that are easy to make. You can make paper chains without using glue, just by cutting out the pieces as shown in the final images of this post.

Another very simple way to make a garland is to fold the paper like an accordion and then cut a figure without cutting the edges, so that when the paper is unfolded a sequence has been formed. Post-its or paper notes can also be used to create a fun accordion chain.

You only have to glue one side of each box (alternating one and one) so that when you open it, a kind of accordion strip is formed. Look at all these examples that we have collected from the web for you:

paper diy 1
paper diy 2
paper diy 3
paper diy 4
paper diy 5
paper diy 6
paper diy 7

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