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Cute cushions for a children’s room

These cute sun-shaped cushions are perfect for decorating a child’s room. You can make them any size you want and use a wide variety of fabrics, too, like felt, blanket, cotton, fleece, or poplin. The sun’s rays are formed by strips of fabric folded in half. See how to make them:


  • Fabric of your choice in soft color*
  • Tape or ribbon with a thickness of approximately one centimeter. You can use the same type of ribbon for the spokes, or combine several.
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Fabric leftovers for the sun features.
  • A plate, disc or any other circular shape to use as a mold
  • pins
  • Textile padding such as wadding or foam rubber.


  1. Take what you will use as a pattern and trace it on the fabric you have. Cut two pieces.
  2. Take the part corresponding to the face of the sun and make the features by sewing leftover fabric for the cheeks and eyes. You can also embroider them directly with a needle and thread or if the fabric is very smooth, you can use a black indelible marker.
  3. Cut the ribbon into sections of the same size to make the sun’s rays
  4. With the help of the pins, hold each strip folded in half in the circle that corresponds to the face. You should place the rays in front of the face, around the contour and letting them all fall inwards.
  5. Place the other circle as a lid. Remember that both pieces should be with the wrong side of the fabric facing out.
  6. Sew carefully around the contour of the circle, while removing each pin one by one. Leave a part open and unstitched so you can flip the entire piece.
  7. Flip the entire piece through the opening and fill.
  8. Finally sew by hand and with invisible stitch the opening you left.

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