Create Some Cute 3D Cards With These Molds

You can easily make these beautiful Cute 3D Cards using the molds with each design.

Some useful tips:

  • To make these easily save the mold and print it on a  card-size paper.
  • Cut through all the lines and bend where the line changes color.
  • To complete the cards you must paste the sheet you have already cut on another sheet of paper that has a contrasting color.

 Hearts Card:


  • Print
  • make cuts in the figures of heart.
  • Fold in all spaces of the missing lines of each heart

Card House:


  • Print
  • Cut the black lines. The blue lines bend outwards
  • Red lines bend inwards.

Love card:


  • Print,
  • Cut the black lines
  • Fold in simple dotted line outwards
  • Dnd the dotted line double inwards.

Pink Rose Card:



  • Cut all the wavy lines corresponding to the figure of the rose.
  • Fold where horizontal lines appear

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