Create fun visors and headbands for kids with foamy Sheets

With foamy sheets and rubber band you can create fun visors and headbands for children. They are very easy to make and you will not need a lot of time or money. They are also perfect a children’s party or a school celebration. Children love it!

To make a headband : 

  • Cut a strip of foamy that approximately measures the child’s head. If you want to use a standard size and it automatically adjusts to the measure of each child, the best and most optimal thing is to tie a piece of elastic or a band at the two ends of the foamy strip.
  • Decorate the foamy leftovers. You can glue flowers, animal faces, circles, or cut the strip into spikes to create a crown.

To make a visor:

  • Choose one of the two molds that we include at the end of the publication. Save it, enlarge it to letter size, print it and cut it out.
  • Use the mold to transfer it onto the foamy you have.
  • Cut out the visor and use a piece of elastic or a tie to tie at the ends
  • Decorate the visor to your liking with the foamy leftovers.

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