Create Eye Catching Party Banners

These original and creative paper banners are perfect for decorating parties and celebrations. All it takes is paper or cardstock in any size to create these attractive accordion-reminiscent shapes. After cutting, make sure to stretch the paper well so that it is open and the shapes appear, you can glue or secure the ends with adhesive tape on a wall or in the place where you are going to place them


1.- Use a sheet of bond paper, cardboard or a normal sheet of paper. You can also use a sheet in case you want the ornament to be larger.
2.- Fold it in four parts lengthwise in the shape of an accordion. You can do it this way: fold in half and then in half to mark the folds. Then unfold and fold again in accordion on the lines that have already been marked.
3.- Make linear cuts just as you can see in the last image, without touching the edges.
4.- Carefully open the sheet of paper and stretch it out.
5.- Make several equal pieces and glue them edge to edge to obtain a longer banner.
6.- Another variant of this ornament is made by simply folding the sheet in half (lengthwise) and making the same type of cuts as in the image.

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