Create Dress Shape Boxes

Create lots of cute little dress boxes using these simple molds. They are perfect for giving thank you gifts in XV years, weddings and communions. They are easy and quick to do !!!


  • Plain or patterned cardstock
  • Glue stick or adhesive pencil

To decorate:

  • ribbons
  • flowers
  • buttons 


  • Save, enlarge and print any of the three molds that we include at the end of this post
  • Cut it out and use it to mark it on the cardboard
  • Cut out the box and fold along the dotted lines
  • Assemble the box by gluing the tabs with the pencil or adhesive stick
  • Decorate to your liking with ribbons, flowers or buttons. 
Create Dress 1
Create Dress 2
Create Dress 3
Create Dress 4
Create Dress 5
Create Dress 6
Create Dress 7
Create Dress 8
Create Dress 9

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