Create cute piggy banks with used plastic bottles

Encourage your little ones to save money with these fun piggy banks made with simple plastic bottles. Only a few materials are needed to get started !! See how to do it:


  • Plastic bottles of medium or small size,
  • foamy / eva rubber (you can also use cardboard or felt), extra caps of the plastic bottles
  • movable eyes (optional),
  • liquid or hot silicone to glue and scissors ( or cutter)


Start by making the slot where the coins enter with the help of a cutter and scissors. Then start decorating the piggy bank: line the body with foamy or the material you have chosen, make the ears and glue them. For the legs use the extra bottle caps, however you can also use large wooden or plastic beads, or you can also roll with a strip of foamy. Stick where it belongs using the liquid or hot silicone. Glue on the eyes or draw them with a marker.


  • You can paint the entire bottle using spray paint or aerosol.
  • Although the most typical thing is to make piggy banks, you can choose other fun animal shapes.

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