Create Beautiful frames for Mother’s Day

With leftover foamy / rubber you can give a unique and original touch to any frame and create a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. You can choose to completely cover the surface of the frame or only add details in certain parts. Combine colors and play with designs. We show you some examples:

Some useful ideas:

  • As a base you can use a wooden or plastic frame. You can also create one out of cardboard or create one entirely out of foamy / rubber.
  • To stick use hot silicone
  • For Mother’s Day the most ideal is to use flowers, stars, butterflies or any other design that you like. Simply cut the figures out of foam and stick on the frame
  • You can also use felt instead of foamy
Mother's Day 1
Mother's Day 2
Mother's Day 3
Mother's Day 4
Mother's Day 5
Mother's Day 6

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