Create Beautiful Flowers Using Foamy

Make some simple flowers perfect to use in decorating your tree or as a substitute for gift bows.

You can choose

  • foamy (rubber)
  • diamond or frosted

to give a touch of shine to this project.

Its preparation is really easy

  • you just have to use the molds that we include at the end.
  • The petal mold is the same for both figures.
  • If you choose to make a flower or poinsettia, choose the first mold as the base.
  • Cut the petals and place a drop of silicone on the flat side and put the ends together to shape it.
  • Repeat the operation to have five petals that you must glue on top of the flower mold.
  • Follow the same procedure for the star, only changing the flower base for a star one.

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