Create Beautiful Cards With Flowers

Use colored paper to create all kinds of flowery cards especially for special Mother’s Day occasions. They are very simple to do with children and they will love to have a fun time.


  • Card stock cards to use as a base
  • different colored bond paper
  • glue stick or adhesive pencil

To form a 3D tulip:

  • cut two tulip shapes out of paper. Fold only one figure in half. Glue the other tulip on the card and on top stick the one that is folded, placing glue only on the fold line 
  • For the petals cut five paper circles and fold on the edges. You can put another circle inside in a contrasting color to make it more striking
  • Cut little paper flowers and glue them on a card together with a paper lace folded in half to simulate a bouquet
  • Cut the petals in different colors to create a more striking effect
  • Cut several paper flowers in two different shades and sizes. Group them together to make a nice card
  • Give more enhancement to a card by gluing wands or natural branches and on these the paper flowers. 
  • This card is made up of paper hearts folded in half to create a flower.
  • Simple paper rolls simulate roses in this simple card

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