Create a fun baby photos by forming numbers

Preserve an indelible memory of your baby’s growth by creating a photo session with numbers. It is an idea that you can carry out easily, without being an expert in photography and without having an elaborate scenario. Basically, it is about forming the numbers with whatever you have at hand (fruit, toys, flowers, cookies, balloons, etc.) on a smooth surface, such as the floor of a room or a bed. You must get a good height that allows you to take the photo and capture the whole scene, this is done by standing on a bench or a ladder.

Some useful tips:

  • * It is not necessary to have a professional camera. A phone that takes good pictures is more than enough
  • * Work with natural light. It is best to place the bottom or bed next to an open window. If you don’t get enough light to get a clear image, you can take the photo outside where you have all the light you need.
  • * As a background use a plain fabric. If you take the photo in bed, a duvet or sheet (plain, without patterns) is the perfect solution. 
  • * Form the number (alluding to the baby’s age in month or year) with simple elements such as toys, cloth flowers (or natural ones), balls, balloons, tree leaves, paper cutouts, fruits, cookies or other foods. 
  • * Place the baby on the stage and prepare to take the photo from above, at an angle that allows you to capture the entire stage. Stand upright on the bed, or use a bench or small ladder if necessary.

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