Create a beautiful DIY Decoraiton with butterflies and dry branches

Create a cute centerpiece using a few dry branches and paper butterflies. They are perfect to decorate a room, to give as a gift to someone special or to use as part of the decoration of a party. In addition, the materials to make this project are super easy to find!


  • A glass or ceramic base (You can use a pot or a vase)
  • Bond paper or cardstock
  • Plaster to fix the base
  • Dry branches
  • Extra decorations of your choice.


  1. You must create the butterflies with the paper or cardboard. You can learn how to make them by clicking HERE
  2. If you prefer simpler butterflies, use a mold (included at the end) and cut directly on paper or cardboard
  3. Once you have the butterflies ready, start preparing the base. The easiest and most practical is to use a long vase with a good weight (so that it does not tip over). But if you don’t have one handy, you’ll need to prepare a mixture of plaster and water to put on the base. This is done due to the weight of the branches.
  4. Place the plaster on the base and insert the branches, waiting for the mixture to solidify and the branches to remain fixed. Obviously, if the branches you will use are small and light, you can eliminate this step and replace it by placing foam, oasis or floral foam at the base to insert the branches.
  5. The last step is to stick the butterflies on the branches, using hot silicone. Use as many as you want, combining the colors to your liking. You can add extra decorations such as beads, moss, bows, trying not to overdo it, as the arrangement loses its naturalness.

Optional: You can give the arrangement more visibility by painting the branches white, gold or silver. Leaving them natural also look great. And find few more ideas Here.

DIY Decoraiton
DIY Decoraiton 2
DIY Decoraiton 3
DIY Decoraiton 4
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