Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

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You probably know why you should be exercising by now. If you are trying to lose weight, exercise is non-negotiable. If you are trying to tone up, you can’t do it without exercise. Want a healthier heart? Exercise can strengthen it and make it work more efficiently. But there are so many other benefits to exercise that aren’t obvious at first. There are other perks that come from the chain reaction of being a healthier person overall once you start exercising regularly. If you feel like any of these areas of your life could be improved, exercise could be the way to make it happen.

– Exercise makes you happier.

Scientifically, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. These are hormones that make you feel good. They are the same hormones that are released when you have sex! Moving your body can usually lift your spirits and reduce stress, at least temporarily. The long-term effects of exercise can also make you a happier person. When you lose weight and tone up your body, you will feel better about yourself, leading to a happier you.

 – Exercise gives you more energy

Many people claim they don’t exercise because they are too tired and don’t have enough energy. What they don’t realize is that the exact opposite is true. Exercising will actually give you more energy. It’s not something you will believe until you experience it. It’s hard to explain how vigorously moving your body will make you feel invigorated, but it will!

 – Exercise can improve your relationship with your spouse

We could all use this, right? After years together and possibly a couple of kids in the mix, marriages and long-term relationships can suffer. So much attention is paid to other areas of life. Stressful schedules can put a strain on relationships. But when you take the time to exercise, you are showing that you value yourself and want to be the best version of you that you can be, not just for yourself, but for those you love too. When you feel better about yourself, you will feel more like showing affection and being intimate. You will also be happier, therefore less likely to snap at others and get into petty arguments. Want to take it to the next level? Work out with your partner, and you will find new ways to bond and probably spend more time together.

 – Exercise can improve your relationship with your kids

Kids are amazing and precious, but let’s face it, they are also a lot of work and can cause serious stress. It’s easy to take out your frustrations on your children when you are always on edge. As I have already stated, exercising regularly can improve your mood considerably, and this can have a great impact on how you treat your kids. You will be more patient with them when you are happier with yourself. You also will be setting a great healthy example for them.

– Exercise can improve your social life

When you have kids, especially small kids, your social life can take a real nose dive. You don’t spend much time with friends or go out much. Exercising can change that. When you join a gym, you are likely to start seeing the same people there regularly. You will probably start chatting with some of these people, and really getting to know them. This happens especially in group exercise classes. There really is this strange bond between people in group classes. I have made some really great friends in classes, friends that I even started to see outside of the gym socially. If you don’t belong to a gym, you can ask a friend to join you for your workout or run to catch up. Killing two birds with one stone is an awesome strategy when you are a busy mom. Work out and socialize at the same time!

This post is by OYS writer Melissa. You can read more about Melissa here and see all of her other posts here. Check out Melissa’s blog Nutrition and Wellness for Life. She offers wellness consultation services that focus on helping you eat better and exercise more.

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