Beautiful Roses With Felt Or Foamy

This technique to make Beautiful Roses roses is the easiest and fastest. You can make them as thick as you want by increasing the number of petals or making a simple cocoon using a few petals.


Materials For Beautiful Roses:

  • Foamy or felt in your favorite color
  • Dry twigs to be used as stem
  • Hot silicone for gluing
  • Scissors

Process For Making Beautiful Roses:

  1.  Draw several circles on the foamy or felt. You must draw three circles of smaller size to the rest to be used in the center of the flower. You can help with a lid or glass as a mold
  2. When you have all the circles, cut a line towards the center just as shown in the images.
  3.  Form the petals by closing each circle in the cut you made and apply a drop of silicone to prevent it from opening.
  4. To create the center of the rose, take the three smaller petals and stick them around the dry wand.
  5. Continue sticking the rest of the petals around the center to give shape to the rose.
  6.  Use all the petals you need depending on how thick you want to make your rose.

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