Beautiful Kitchen Crafts using wooden spoons

Beautiful Kitchen Crafts using wooden spoons
Create a beautiful kitchen Crafts using wooden spoons and foamy. You can use them as small gifts that will not cost you much and that you can make them in a very short time.


  • Wooden spoons
  • Foamy or Eva rubber according to  the colors you choose
  • Markers: yellow, brown (or terracotta) and gray
  • Acrylic paint  pink and white
  • Thin batten
  • Wool or yarn in brown
  • Optional cloth: flowers, beads or buttons to decorate.


Beautiful Kitchen Crafts using wooden spoons

1.- Save and print the above shapes on an paper.
2.- Cut the shapes and use them to trace them on the foamy according to the colors that you have chosen to form the face of the animals.
3.- Cut all the pieces of foamy or Eva rubber.
4.- Outline the pieces: with the marker, paint all the outline and see blurring with a swab or your finger.
5.- With the acrylic paint the ears (pink) and eyes (white, black) and with the reverse of the brush marks white spots on the of the hen’s figure.
6.- Join all the pieces to shape each one of the animals.
7.- Decorate your head making several bows with ribbon and yarn or wool. Add a button or a small cloth flower. You can also add another bow at the bottom.
8.- Finally, stick each piece on the top of the spoon.

Beautiful Kitchen Crafts using wooden spoons

Tip of utility: The delineated with the marker you can replace it using chalk (chalk) or makeup as eyeshadows in the corresponding colors.

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