Beautiful ideas to create super original table runners

We show you several ideas to inspire you and make a table runner in different designs and materials. It should be noted that there are many ways to create a table runner: from the most traditional using a long strip of fabric, to those not so common made, for example, with macramé. Here the important thing is to enhance the natural texture of the table, leaving a large part of the surface uncovered. You can make a simple table runner, making its color match other elements of the decoration of the house, such as curtains and cushions. If you want to make a project of this type and you don’t have experience, choose the easiest and fastest option: you just have to cut a strip of fabric (cotton, polyester or linen) about 35 centimeters wide and long enough to hang a little on both sides of the table. Bastille all the way around and you’re done. Make some napkins using the same fabric so that the effect you achieve is even more striking.

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