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Are you Fed up with acne, scars and dark spots? Try these 5 skincare routines to get clear skin.

1:Face wash:

Wash your face with a suitable face wash. people have different skins types
for oily skin:
Oily skin cause acne which is a big problem for girls especially teenagers. To get rid of this problem first wash your skin with face wash. Neutrogena face wash is one of the best face wash for oily skin

2: Exfoliate:

Always Exfoliate your skin with the best Scrub. There are different types of Scrubs in the market which are quite expensive but are not effective. homemade scrubs are best to exfoliate all skin types.
lemon and sugar as a Scrub:
Use lemon and sugar as the best scrub to exfoliate the skin. simply cut a lemon and pour sugar on it and now gently rub it on your face for at least 3-4 minutes and rinse with water.

3: moisturizer:

Moisturizer is really important for both oily and dry skin. For dry skin, it compensates the dryness by producing oil.
for oily skin always use lightweight moisturizers. It may prevent greasiness and breakouts.

4: Sun Block:

Sun Block plays an important role in the skincare routine. Sunblock protects your skin from UV rays.

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