6 Exercises For Slim Calves

During winters we hide them in jeans and in summer is the season of culottes and midi skirts that focus on this otherwise inconspicuous body part. That’s why we have a 30-day challenge for slim calves. And best of all, the entire workout takes only five minutes!

Heel lifter

Stand with your legs apart, the toes pointing outwards. You can make your hands into fists. Now go with your butt down so that the thighs are aligned parallel to the ground. The knees must not point over the tips of the toes, there is a risk of injury in it. Now you take turns lifting your heels off the floor for a minute.

Stand on tiptoe

The feet are about shoulder-width apart, the body is straight. Lift heels as high as possible from the ground and hold this position for a minute.

The skater

Lift the right leg and extend it backwards. The upper body is doing straight forward. Now you bend your left leg so that you touch the ground with your right fingertips. Come back up. Rocker with the right leg and the left arm up and down, so that the body must keep the balance. Then you try to touch the ground again. The whole thing is repeated 20 times per leg.

Jump Squats

Stand in a shoulder-width stand. Lower your butt until your knees are 90 degrees. Then you jump in the air and also stretch your arms upwards. You repeat this exercise 30 times.

Mountain Climber

Go into the push-up, the body has to be straight. Pull your knees alternately to your chest. Become fast enough to resemble a sprint and hold on for a minute.

Heel lift with weight

Sit on a chair and make a 90 degree angle with your knees. Place a dumbbell on your thigh. The closer it gets to the knee, the harder it gets. You can either use a dumbbell for both legs or smaller ones for each one. Attention: Do not let go of the dumbbells. Lift the hoes off the ground at the same time and lift them against the weight. Then lower it again and repeat this exercise at least 15 times without a break.

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