20 Crazy-Awesome Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair We Can’t Get Over

Braids are an adorable and charming type of hairstyle that catches everybody’s attention immediately. Short hairs are very comfortable to keep, but there are very few hairstyles that go with short hair as you cannot just tie them in a bun or a ponytail, but Braids for short hair are a perfect solution for keeping hair short and elegant.

Today we have got some really alluring and elegant braids for short hair that would get you a lot of compliments and make your day more happening and cheerful.

1-Smooth Half-Braid

This looks great for girls having short hair and have the hair shade of Golden color

2-Dutch Braid

 Secure the end tip of the braid with a thin rubber band that comes with a thick formed braid more here hairstyle-tutorials-busy-mornings

3-Lateral Puffed Tails

Do this braiding in the same way by taking three bands of hair with loose hands at the side portion and pinned it up using hairpins under the rest of the loosely kept hair.

4- Tripartite Cornrows

Tripartite cornrows give you an unusual and pretty party look.

5- Lateral Dutch Braid

French beard in the lateral part and backcombing the other remaining front part of the hair in other to give it a wavy braided look, after its done tie all the hair at the nape of the neck in the form of a bun.

6-Hippie Pigtail

 This hairstyle is very suitable for girls with short hair and an enlarged face.

7-Pigtails Pathways

The curled and backcombed gives it a wavy curly texture from the top forehead part till the end.

8 – Ruffle Blunt

Use Greyish or the whitish shade of hair color to give more enhancing look for this hairdo.

9-Scruffy Fish braid

From both the sides in a loose French pattern and tie the knots separately for both the hair strap at top head portion.

10-Barbie Gallon

The steps include 3 bands of hair and plaiting them into each other on the top lateral portion also check 10-hair-styles-tutorials-easy-and-simple

11-Unlatched Plaits

Use hair straightener to give a smooth gaze of the hair.

12-Twisted Trails

At last twist the hair is using a hot curl iron rod to give its final look.

13-Hefty Side Braid

 They carry their signature style for high school or college with the milky white highlights

14-Coronet Pony Tail

Part the hair from the middle and binding them at the nape of the neck will complete this design

15-Median Fish Tail

In this hair style combine both ends together with a thin rubber band at the mid-top head portion

16- Criss Cross Tangles

The Brownish shade of the hair makes it a bit natural and genuine look

17-Top Tress Knot

Golden whitish shade of this style looks better .

18-Braided Pigtails

 It creates an amazing hairstyle with fewer efforts and an eye-catching gaze.

19-French Lace Braid

Tie the braid with a rubber band, and you are ready with a rocking hairstyle with glamorous appeal

20-Boxer Side Braids

 It creates an attractive and unique look with another side left freely for the wavy hair.

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