15+ High Fade Haircuts For Men

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular haircuts for men. A high fade haircut shaves hair shorter higher up compared to low fades and mid fades.

Like other fades, the high fade can be worn with any hairstyles from an ultra-short buzzcut to long hair and everything in between.

In addition to height, fade haircuts can vary in shape and length. The drop fade starts high at the temples and drops down toward the back of the neck. Other fades cut a straighter line around the head. As far as length goes, all fades are short but a bald fade goes right down to the skin.

If that doesn’t give you enough options, the high fade haircut can be any style, from a high and tight to dreadlocks, or modern crop to classic pomp. And there are curls, spikes, high tops, quiffs, twists, and more.

The tightly cut sides of a high fade mean is a flattering look for most men. The lack of any additional width to the face is essential for men with round or wide faces. So check out these 33 of the best high fade haircuts to find your next look.

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