15 Great ideas for small balconies

Any balcony or terrace, no matter how small, can be transformed into a space full of comfort, perfect for getting fresh air, relaxing and having a good time. Do not underestimate a small area, you can have great results by applying a few tricks and ideas.

Some useful tips:

  • Place pots and plants to instantly create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Put a thin shelf on one of the side walls and fill it with pots.
  • If the space is too small to place a table, you can use a folding one or embed it on the balcony. Another idea is to use half a table and screw it so that it is fixed.
  • If what you prefer is to relax to the maximum with a comfortable seat, create one by placing several wooden pallets as a base. Add a mat with cushions on top. 
  • Decorate your balcony with things you like. You can add strings of lights, hang decorations, put scented candles, etc. 

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