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12+ Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Minutes

Changing the look doesn’t need big sacrifices. A braid here, an accessory there and that’s it: you can make a nice hairstyle without having to spend hours getting ready.

You can vary your everyday loose look with a few basic hairstyle tricks. Make a higher ponytail than usual and your look will change. Or, instead of tying a ponytail, tuck your hair sideways and braid the tied part.

See how it’s not super complicated to vary? If you’ve had enough of the same look every day, it’s worth checking out and trying out some simple yet beautiful hairstyles that you can do in no time.

1: Wrapped Headband Updo

Wrapped Headband Updo

2: Pull-Through Braid

Pull-Through Braid

3: Twist ponytail

Twist ponytail

4. The Messy bun

 The Messy bun

5. Faux Bob Hair

6. rope Braid Tutorial

rope Braid Tutorial

7. Reverse Braided Bun

8. Hair Bow Tutorial

9. The Braided Rose

The Braided Rose

10. Chic Shoelace Braid

Chic Shoelace Braid


12. Double Batch

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