10 Pink Eye Makeup Tutorials

Every girl love’s pink? πŸ’— And they love to wear pink makeup so why not wear pink eye makeup?! It may seem challenging to wear pink make specially on eyes but there are many AMAZING ways to do so. To go subtle, try a wash of pastel pink on the upper lids and match it with soft pink on the lips as well. Or how about bright pink winged liner for a really fun statement! Any eye color works with girly pink. Experiment with eyeshadows and eyeliners in softer and brighter hues of pink! Keep scrolling to see the prettiest ways of wearing pink on the eyes. we brought today for you some pink eye make tutorials enjoy!

Pink Eye Makeup 1
Pink Eye Makeup 2
Pink Eye Makeup 3
Pink Eye Makeup 4
Pink Eye Makeup 5
Pink Eye Makeup 6
Pink Eye Makeup 7
Pink Eye Makeup 8
Pink Eye Makeup 9
Pink Eye Makeup 10

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