10 Incredible ideas to recycle coca cola bottles

Check out all the cool and easy projects you can make from recycling Coca-Cola glass bottles. Surely we all have a bottle of this type that we no longer use in our house, so it is time to get down to work to start realizing beautiful ideas without having to spend much.

Some useful ideas:

  • Use the glass bottles as simple vases.
  • Use the bottles to fill them with small candies and make them a cute gift
  • Turn the bottle into a liquid soap dispenser just by replacing the plastic attachment
  • Give a super original touch to the bottles by painting them with metallic finishes. You should only use silver or gold spray paint.
  • Cut the bottles and turn them into original glasses.
  • Place a series of lights or lamps based on LED bulbs (which do not generate heat and prevent accidents) inside the bottle to make original lamps

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