These 10 Amazing Exercises Will Tighten Your Inner Thighs For Good!

Losing weight can be really challenging if you don’t have any proper exercise plane. To reduce the body fat effectively is to do in way that effect every part of the body if it is effective in some parts of your body, and not in other parts, you simply don’t see any difference. Inner thighs fat is probably the most difficult to get rid of.

Luckily,we have some  workouts for you. Take a look at these exercises that are proven to tighten and tone those inner thighs. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Sumo Squat and Drag

An article from Prevention describes the sumo squat and drag as being a great source for inner thigh training. The squat itself is good for the upper body, but the controlled movement of the drag makes sure that the thighs are involved.

To do

Start with your feet spread out slightly past your shoulders. Dip your buttocks down so that you are in a squat position. As you raise up, drag your foot over the other one as you feel your thighs tighten with the movement. Alternate between both legs that you drag. Repeat 10-15 times.

Sumo Jump

Similar to the sumo squat above, the sumo jump goes one step further in your thigh training. The added movement of the jump helps you strengthen and increase your speed.

To do:

Stand with your feet out past your shoulders. Lower down into the squat position. Jump up in the air and land back in the squat position. Repeat 10 times.

Lateral Lunge

This inner thigh workout not only slims your thighs, but works as a full body workout that burns a ton of calories.

To do:

Begin in the standing position as you take one step to the left. Stick out your buttocks and sit back on your heel and hip. Return to the original position Repeat 12 times alternating between the side steps.

Leg Sweeps

An article on Prevention indicates that leg sweeps work the inner thigh, core, and glutes.

To do:

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Begin with your left leg by doing a sweeping motion front and back with your foot. Make sure that your toes stay pointed. Complete 5 reps per foot.

Curtsy Lunge

Another great option for tightening the loose skin found in the thigh area.

To do:

Similar to a traditional lunge. However, you should cross your leg behind your body as you dip lower into the lunge.

Plie Squat

Women’s Health and Fitness encourages readers to engage in a Plie squat to work out the thighs, abs, and legs.

To do:

Lower your buttocks into a deep squat and then raise your arms as you lift out of the position. Keep the movement slow and deliberate. Repeat 12-15 times.

Side Lunges

Side lunges help slim and tone the inner thighs while also working the legs and buttocks.

To do:

Start in the standing position. Next, extend your leg out to the side as you bend your knee. Make sure that your toes and knee are facing away from your body as you bend into the lunge.

Scissor-Leg Plank

If you want a deep inner thigh workout, the scissor-leg plank is the way to go. It also works out the back and shoulders.

To do:

To get into the traditional plank position, lift your body off the ground with your spine straight you’re your feet and hands supporting your weight. Next, raise your right leg while holding the plank position. Alternate between each leg 10-12 times each.

Frog Bend

This no-equipment-necessary exercise is great when you are traveling or short on time. Make no mistake, even though it only requires gravity, this workout will definitely work those upper thighs.

Reverse Clamshell

The reverse clamshell is an excellent option even for the most seasoned trainer. The exercise forces you to squeeze your inner thighs and it promotes strength training even when you are in great shape. You simply hold the ball tighter as you get stronger.

To do:

Place a ball in between your thighs as you lie on your side. Apply pressure to the ball by tightening your thighs. Hold for 5 seconds before releasing and exhaling. Repeat 12-15 times.

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